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Gluten Free and Easy

No longer just the realm of those with coeliac disease these days, lots of people are finding they simply feel better on a gluten free or low gluten diet. But the time involved in searching out the special ingredients to make your own gluten free bread, pizza bases or banana bread, not to mention the hassle of avoiding cross contamination with your existing kitchen utensils, makes it all too hard. That’s where our range of products steps in. Baked locally in a dedicated, gluten free facility they freeze well and can be ready just as easily as your regular items.

Everyday more and more people are looking for gluten free options when eating out. With our range of convenient, gluten free baked goods it’s easier than ever to accommodate their requests.


The range you want with the taste you expect

Sliced bread that’s a regular size with consistent texture (you won’t end up with half the loaf crumbled and broken in the bag!). Hamburger buns and focaccia rolls ready to toast and pizza bases that come in three different sizes. Cookies that kids and adults love which also have a good shelf life and banana bread that you simply cannot distinguish from the wheaten variety. When friends dine out inevitably there’s someone who’s gluten free so they’ll all go to the place that’s coeliac friendly. With our products on hand it’s easy for you to be that place. Gluten Free and Easy.